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Our Partners

My family and I are happy being part of the African resort family for we have made an educated investment, the property is beautiful my returns for the 2 weeks I purchased worth it. I am on the ranks of convincing my friends to join this amazing opportunity. Tulijifurahisha na tukakua na wakati mwema Kweli Chema Chajiuza. Lazima tutarudi tena.

Njeri N.

Hi, Dubai was amazing thank you a lot, it was our first time there and loved every second of it. Upon arrival from the airport the hotel was present to pick us up and we just had a great time. Thank you African Resort it is great doing business with you.

Kimani P.

We came for the presentation at the Westlands head office & my wife was at first very apprehensive and didn’t know we would get a chance to invest in the company through fractional ownership. I think this investment is quite innovative and great for the Kenyan market. The aspect of 90+ years makes it even more catching and cost friendly. My wife loves the coast so she has ample years to be able to explore Kilifi county. We are happy with our property and what African resort has to offer.

Mr. Kenneth M. M.

Customer service provided by ARI is great, always ready to assist me incase I have pending questions. My husband and I had doubts at first on the investment I had made, but with time & being able to understand the product and its benefits or me am excited to be travel this coming month with my kids.Thank you ARI.

Reginah G.O.